The harmful parts of the machines are covered by special protective caps and the drum rotation through the manual process is made by a round steering wheel, designed for operator's safety.

Transmission System-Turbine

With the revolutionary realisation of the "TurboSpeedSystem" and through the technical and constructional features of the turbine and speed hump, such reasonable and practical levels that could not be achieved through other systems, have been achieved.

Its success is due to the built-in relief bypass, as shown in the next photograph, and due to the fact that it is manufactured in two types. In 3'' (inches) and 4'' (inches), so that when there is enough water, the water should freely flow through the turbine. This way, watering is finished quickly. Its material features are pure aluminum and stainless steel (INOX) shafts.

What this means to you is that the life span grows, the power becomes higher, the damages are eliminated and we achieve the most economical performance.


All our production machines are ISO 9001 certified and obey the CE laws.

With each machine, the customer receives a user manual and machine sketches for a complete understanding of the construction and its operation.


The primary objective of the company is the excellent service of its machines.

This is accomplished through 2 mobile specialised crews and an experienced staff that adds and guarantees the reliability and flawless functionality in terms of the manufacturing of its products.