-Giant XL-


The category our largest production machines belong to. Built to eliminate any problem and difficulty which might arise during their operation.

They are equipped with the Comer transmission, model D-742, which, in combination with the largest movement gear, makes the torque increase sharply. Its turbine is of 4 inches in the inlet and outlet, made of aluminum. The Giant XL models include many automation systems, such as a front bottle jack for the adjustment of the machine to the tractor, a drum rotation gear for a comfortable rotation and placement of the machine, a rotation gear lock to keep the drum fixed during its operation.

The supporting legs of these machines are made to embrace the soil and, in combination with the cart lifting legs, which are evenly nailed to the ground, make the machine fixed and water up to 700 meters.

All of the above additions which are necessary for the Giant XL machines work with the hydraulic fittings of the tractor, as well as switches, offering you an easy and relaxing watering.

The Ranger or Explorer rockets and the M55 and M65 multi-injectors can match these specific models.