Our History

The ELGEK °Christoforos Pasias & Co. GP" was founded in 1990, with the main activity of Agricultural Machinery manufacturing.

With an intensive developmental activity and with the total support and trust of its customers, it holds a dominant position among the business undertaking.

The company's main product for eight consecutive years was the Artificial Rain Machine (multi-injector - ramp), which continues to be produced in conjunction with the Self-propelled irrigation system (reel) - which the company has been producing since 1997.

After continuous, successive researches and several substantial changes in the production divisions, as well as in the construction of the machines, ELGEK managed to create a reel model, ideally made for the needs of the farmer.


  Our Philosophy

 Nowadays, our company has the ability to manufacture many types of reels with the of Ø75, Ø90, Ø100, Ø110 and Ø125 pipeline - hose diameters and from 150 meters up to 700 meters. In the field of multi-injectors, we manufacture machines that water over 35 meters, 55 meters and 65 meters.

The company, closely following the evolution of technology and seriously taking the demands of its customers into account, comes closer to the farmer, day by day, offering them the quality of machinery and service.

In addition to the experience of ELGEK's people on agricultural needs, the company has one of the most experienced and specialised mobile crews, ensuring your safety and security.